NuonSoft ShellEnhancer

NuonSoft ShellEnhancer 3.0

it is a window application n designed to enhance your windows Explorer shell
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Nuonsoft Shell Enhancer is a window based application designed to enhance your windows Explorer shell. Nuonsoft Shell Enhancer adds lots of features in your windows Explorer shell to provide more and more control in your hand. By this Shell Enhancer you can save your lots of time and make your life easier. It comes with lots of interesting and useful features. So let’s try to explore some of them. It provides two task switchers Enhanced TaskSwitcher and Mosaic TaskSwitcher which replace your windows default Alt+Tab taskswitcher. And it provides you a nice looking layout with keyboard and mouse navigation support and it also shows you the preview of the window. With its transparency effect you can make any window transparent and you can set the transparency level for each window. With its auto manage windows feature you can set special setting for each software application or window like always on top or set transparency level to 20% etc. You can also make more complex tasks to do your regular work automatically and save time and reduce your burden. This Shell Enhancer also gives you the opportunity to use mouse gestures on any window or application. And even you can put any window always on top with this amazing shell enhancer.

Manoj Goel
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  • Freeware
  • Easy to use
  • Provides enhanced task switcher
  • Facility to make any window transparent
  • Option to set transparency level
  • Option to use mouse gesture on any window


  • Not as good as commercial products
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